Corporate Profile


4052-2 Nakatsu, Aikawa-cho, Aiko-gun, Kanagawa-ken 243-0303 Japan
Phone: +81-46-285-0583 / Fax: +81-46-285-4092


November 4, 1988


60 million JPY (wholly capitalized by Shell Lubricants Japan K.K.)


Michio Morikubo

Board Members (as of March 26, 2018) 

Michio Morikubo, Representative Director
Kimitaka Kawabe, Director
Shinichi Doki, Director

Main Bank 

Mizuho Bank Ltd.

Major Business Areas
  • Analytical testing and evaluation of various types of petroleum products
  • Analytical testing and evaluation of various types of bio-fuel
  • Performance evaluation of fuel and lubricants using engine
  • Investigation research of situation and industry trend of petroleum
  • Composition analysis, structural analysis, configuration observation, evaluation of physical properties and stability testing of various material
  • Quantitative analysis of contaminant of soil and underground water
  • Survey, risk evaluation, and proposal of purification methods of soil contamination by petroleum products
  • Trial production and sale of special fuel for testing
  • SDS (Safety Data Sheet) compilation and chemical material management business for petroleum products (mainly lubricant and grease)

Corporate History

1998 November

Established in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (100% capitalized by Showa-Shell Sekiyu K.K.)

1996 November

Head office moved to Minato-ku, Tokyo

1999 May

Head office moved to Aiko-gun, Kanagawa

1999 September

Start analytical testing business

2017 November

Shell Lubricants Japan K.K. became the parent company

To present date


Business authorized for Motor Vehicle Overhaul and Inspection (1997 / Kanto District Transport Bureau)
Business authorized for Measurement Certification (2000)
Business authorized for Working Environment Measurement (2000)
ISO14001 Certification (2001) >> Environmental Policy
ISO9001 Certification (2006)

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