Code of Conduct

The “Value” we aim for

We recognize that to be sincere, to be fair and to be considerate of others are precious value. Also, we need to trust each other, be open-minded, have a good team work, be professional of each assignment, and work with pride.

Based on these values, we hereby define Code of Conduct to comply with when we proceed every business.

1. Sustainable development 

We seek for sustainable development through offering our products and services which our customers require. To accomplish this, we need long-term vision as well as short-term vision, and we must proceed our business with balance between pursuit of economic profit and social responsibility such as environmental preservation, observation of laws and regulations, and contribution to the society.

2. Responsibility 

We recognize the following responsibility.

1) Responsibility to customers

We shall achieve and maintain customers’ trust by developing and providing products and services with value in all aspects: price, quality, safety and environment, which are backed up by expertise on technology, environment and business.

2) Responsibility to shareholders

We maintain investment from shareholders and provide reasonable outcome.

3) Responsibility to employees

We shall respect personality and individuality of each employee, offer safe working environment and good working conditions, promote development and utilization of human resource, and encourage participation of employees to carry out tasks and Code of Conduct.

4) Responsibility to cooperative companies

We shall establish mutually profitable relationship with cooperative companies (including counterpart of joint project) and endeavor to promote the practice of Code of Conduct. Also, when starting or continuing business with a cooperative company, we deliberate compliance status of the value and the contents defined in Code of Conduct.

5) Responsibility to society

We shall establish mutually profitable relationship with cooperative companies (including counterpart of joint project) and endeavor to promote the practice of Code of Conduct. Also, when starting or continuing business with a cooperative company, we deliberate compliance status of the value and the contents defined in Code of Conduct.

3. Corporate ethics 

We shall define necessary corporate rules and observe them, and work with sincerity and fairness as our main aim in all aspects of our business. This applies the same to our relationship with business partners.
Offering, paying, requesting and accepting bribe are never permitted in any way. Also, we must avoid profitable conflict between personal economic activities and corporate business activities.
All the transactions to operate the company should be correctly and precisely kept on an account book and audited according to the prescribed procedures.

4. Observation of laws and regulations 

We shall observe related laws and regulations when we proceed our business.

5. Health, Safety, Security control and Environment 

We seek for sustainable development and make continuous and systematic effort in the fields of health, safety, security control and environment.
To accomplish this, we rank activities for health, safety, security control and environment as important as our corporate activities, and set goals for improvement, measure and evaluate outcome, and report result.

6. Pursuit of profitability 

Securing appropriate profit is indispensable to take responsibility and continue our business. Profitability is an index of efficiency and is also the criteria of customers’ satisfaction shown to our products and services. Profit is also essential when we allocate business resources over the future and continuously provide products and services according to customers’ requirements. We cannot fulfill our responsibility without profitability and a solid financial foundation.
When we make an investment, we deliberate the impact on society and environment as well as profitability.

7. Competition 

We shall seek for a free and fair competition.

8. Local Society 

We shall actively participate in activities to contribute to the community as a responsible part of our society. It is the greatest contribution to our society that we operate our basic business as effectively as possible.

9. Communication 

In view of the influence of our business activities on domestic economy and people, we shall recognize the necessity of disclosure of corporate information and disclose it timely and precisely.
We regard opportunities of interactive communication as very important. We sincerely listen to voices of customers, employees, cooperative companies and local community, and respond with responsibility.

10. Political activity 

We shall not make political contribution to any political parties, political groups or to their representatives. We shall not participate in any political activities. However, it is our duty to make ourselves clear to our government and others regarding matters which could affect our company, customers, shareholders, employees and local community.

Established 2004 June 15
Revised 2004 November 24
Revised 2011 October 25

Basic Policy regarding health, safety, security and environment

We hereby define the Basic Policy regarding health, safety, security and environment (hereinafter called “HSSE”), in recognition that company should take social responsibilities, in accordance with “Corporate Philosophy” and “Code of Conduct”, to secure safety, protect health, avoid contingency in any of business activities, and preserve environment.

  1. Regarding HSSE, we shall observe related laws and regulations as a matter of course and strive to introduce appropriate measures, and continuously endeavor to improve them.
  2. Regarding HSSE, we shall put into effect the following items.
    1. For business activities, we shall promote countermeasures of resource-saving and energy-saving even harder and strive to reduce load on environment such as prevention of contaminant leakage.
    2. In every stage of corporate activities, company shall consider HSSE, and provide customers with information of appropriate handling and usage instructions.
    3. When introducing a new business, establishing a facility and developing new technological services and related products, we shall carry out a prior evaluation of HSSE, and make reevaluation as necessary according to the changes in the circumstances.
    4. We shall establish countermeasures for emergency for any unforeseeable accident. We shall, in cooperation with related organizations, take necessary countermeasures to hold damages to a minimum.
    5. We shall enlighten, educate and train employees regarding HSSE, and encourage employees’ higher awareness, voluntary participation and cooperation. We shall also seek for cooperation with cooperative companies and related parties and provide recommendation and guidance as required.
    6. We shall promote investigation research and strive to take a leading role in the field of HSSE. We shall also promote the use of research outcome which is gained by itself and Shell group companies.
    7. We shall endeavor to thoroughly prevent workers’ accident during operation.
    8. We shall widely manifest its opinion regarding HSSE, set goals for improvement, make a report of the outcome, and seek for understanding and support from the social public.
  3. e shall regularly inspect implementation status of laws and regulations related with HSSE, observation of its own standards and the various countermeasures.
  4. We shall evaluate outcome of performances regarding HSSE, and make amendments of the activity plan as required.

Established 2004 June
Revised 2004 November

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