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Sale of Special Fuel

We manufacture and provide overseas fuel and fuel for testing.

Have difficulty procuring special fuel for your test and research?

We have high technological skills and experiences of trial manufacturing, blending and sale of gasoline and light oil for domestic and overseas compliance test, and bio-fuel and others of special fuel for testing.
Especially with our international business network of Shell Group, we can import and sale various European fuel (EU standard fuel of Euro 4 and Euro 5, and light oil), which are difficult to blend and procure in Japan.

We are at your service if you need a special fuel for testing.

1. Please let us know characteristics and amount of fuel you need for your testing.
2. We will propose in 3 days if procurement/blending of fuel to meet your requirements is feasible. Consideration by trial blending is also welcomed.
3. Please consider our proposal and we are eagerly looking forward to having an opportunity to have business with you.

    For your information, here is the list of test fuel we have procured in the past
  • Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (RME, SME, PME etc.), and their mixed fuel oil
  • Bio mixed gasoline
  • EU standard fuel (gasoline and light oil)
  • Fuel for compliance test in Japan (gasoline and light oil)


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