Constant progress and lasting development of K.K. SVC Tokyo Company are achieved by contributing to society, gaining reasonable profit, and establishing solid economic foundation and sound corporate culture. Based on this recognition, we hereby establish Management Philosophy.

  1. We shall strive to expand our business with customer-focus always, endeavor to have inventive ideas and technological innovation, offer high quality technological services and prompt supply of our services, and take social responsibility such as environmental preservation and safe operation.
  2. We shall keep intimate relationship with Showa Shell Oil group companies, strive to acquire broader international mindset, and operate our business with autonomy and responsibility.
  3. We shall endeavor to achieve our corporate goals and foster an energetic corporate atmosphere with lofty ideals and genuine trust.
  4. We shall build a successful future on our solid corporate structure with all the employees thinking and working together for higher productivity.

Established: 2004 June

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